Mrs. Gisela Aulmann
Prof. Erika Köth
Prof. Gisela Litz
Prof. Hermann Prey
Maestro Bruno Rigacci, Florence

in opera-competitions

CATS first German Gumbie/Jenny Fleckenfell
at Operettenhaus Hamburg
Theatre at Freiburg/Breisgau
Member of free opera and light-opera companies

Berlin Tierparkkonzerte/Berlin Zoo
Beethovenhalle, Bonn
Bahnhof Rolandseck
Atlantik-Hotel/ CCH/ Große Musikhalle/
Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten/Hansa Theater
Varieté, Hamburg
Fashion-Shows, f.e. as „Sally Bowles“ in „Cabaret“
Landesfunkhaus Hanover
Ostseehalle, Kiel
Münsterlandhalle, Münster
Palais de Congres, Strasburg
Rheingoldhalle, Mainz

Concerts in Foreign Countries:
Austria, Bad Blumau Light-Opera, Musical songs
Belgium, Brussels – Parliament of Europe, Musical songs, Chanson
China, P.R. of, Shanghai, Opera – Light-Opera
Falkland Islands, Port Stanley – Arias, Lieder
Finland, Helsinki – German Embassy and Tour – Hamina, Kotka, aso.
France, Strasburg – Palais de Congrès, Musical songs
Pont Ste. Marie – with a Brass-Band, Arias, Musical songs
Great Britain, London – German Embassy, Arias, Lieder, Musical songs
The Landmark Hotel/Mme. Tussaud’s, Musical songs
Netherlands – Tour with Filharmonie Enschede conducted by Jan Stulen (with Marco Bakker) – Tour with “Zentrales Orchester der NVA”, Berlin
Portugal, Béjà, Musical songs with a German Big-Band – Lisbon, Ritz-Hotel
Sweden – Tour with ZA, Berlin, Arias, Lieder, Musical songs
Switzerland, Winterthur ,,100 Jahre Nico Dostal” ORP – Festival of Light Opera – ZSOW conducted by Reto Parolari – Songs
Zurich, Airport-Big-Band conducted by Reto Parolari – Songs
USA Tour – Arias, Lieder, Oratorios, Musical songs

Radio Broadcasting:
KFUO/St. Louis – Arias (Donizetti) live
Voice of America, Washington D.C. – Arias (Puccini)
DLF/HR – ,,66 Jahre Musik im Radio“ Musical songs live IFA, Berlin – HR-Rundfunkorchester, conducted by Prof. Peter Falk
DLF/BBC – London „Eurotalk.“ Lieder, Light-Opera
DLF/BRF Brussels – “Eurotalk“ Musical songs, Chanson
NDR/DLF – „Showtime“ ROHanover conducted by Carl Davies
NDR/SFB – „Wir wollen Freunde sein für’s ganze Leben“ ROHanover conducted by Jan Stulen
NDR – „Rosenkonzert” live – Arias, Songs
RSHanover, conducted by Reto Parolari
NDR – Hamburg – lots of “Hafenkonzerte” live
RB – Bremen lots of „Hafenkonzerte“ live
RIAS – Berlin „Mit RIAS in den Zoo“ Berlin, Musical songs
PO Berlin, conducted by Udo Kern
SDR – Light-Opera with a Brass Band, conducted by Herbert Russek
WDR – Cologne – „Happy End” (Brecht/Weill) – „Höllenlili“
conducted by Jan Latham-König (London)

Finland: FSR2 – The first double concert between two leading East- and West-German Military Brass-Bands after the break of the wall
ARD/HR – Mainau – „Die Blumenliederhitparade“
ARD/NDR – Hanover – “Rosenkonzert “
ARD/NDR – „Hamburg-Journal“ – Musical songs live
ARD/SR – Garmisch – „Kein schöner Land“ – Light-Opera
ARD/WDR – Ferry to Great Britain – „mittwochs live“
KIKA/PUR+ SINGEN – Vocal coach
KIKA/WDR „Rapakademie“ – Vocal coach
SAT1 – Hamburg – Musicals live
SAT 1 TOPICS – IFA, Berlin – „Der deutsche Schlager darf nicht sterben“
ZDF – „Doppelpunkt“

Jobs as an actress in German Commercials/ Covergirl/Synchronisation for movies (also english-italian language) – Sesame Street (Trick) – Sandmännchen

CATS Gumbie/Jenny Fleckenfell
„Die Blumenliederhitparade“ – „Lasst Blumen sprechen“
„Happy End“ (Brecht/Weill) – Role of the „Fly“ I „Lady In Grey“
LEYRA -La Fleur Bleue two titles in an old German language as “Joelle Baro”
„Die Welt des Musicals“ a song of „The Phantom of The Opera“
„Gala der Weltstars“ – „Ave Maria“ – (a record with Pavarotti,Carreras)
„Meine Lieder“ – Opera – Light-Opera – Lied – Musical
“Der kleine Tag“- A musical for Kids (Rolf Zuckowski) – Role of the “Day of Peace”
“Lieder aus Theresienstadt“ – TheAter-Ensemble

Author of Voicecoaching (English and German) – published by Voggenreiter, Bonn
Several articles in specialist journals